Bagni 19 Gabicce Mare

The BAGNI 19 factory of Gino and Carla is located in the central area, easily accessible, a few steps from the town center. The beach, a meeting place where new friendships and new loves blossom, but also a place to practice sports such as fitness, muscle awakening and water aerobics, sports on the sand and those in the sea. Also an enchanted place for the little ones, where to build castles, participate in the countless activities organized by the entertainment staff, or play in specially equipped parks. And more tournaments and treasure hunts for adults and children, organized for your enjoyment. And if in addition to surfing with pedal boats and canoes you want to surf the net, an internet point will allow you to do so.

3 Good Motives for choosing Bagni 19

A few steps from the town center

Entertainment for the little ones

Courtesy and sympathy


Lungomare Colombo, Gabicce Mare (PU)