Ristorante Mare Mosso Gabicce Mare

Restaurant and Food & Drink: on holiday the taste ... doubles!

The extraordinary passion and attention to cooking have led us to search for new catering formulas, freer and more innovative, creating captivating menus with local products and a delicate mix of scents and memories of distant travels.

A constant search for the quality of raw materials, new styles of nutrition, to guarantee you a balance of taste and well-being.

In fact, in addition to the Maremosso Restaurant for lunch and dinner, you can choose to stop at the Maremosso Food and Drink for an aperitif and dinner, two opportunities with different proposals that enhance freedom and reward the holiday.

... what else to add, if not the pleasure of waiting for you to delight you in our restaurants?

Maremosso Restaurant
for lunch: 12: 30-14: 00
for dinner: 19: 30-21: 30

Maremosso Food & Drink
from aperitif to dinner and beyond:
from 18 onwards ...!

3 Good Motives for choosing Ristorante Mare Mosso

Panoramic view over the splendid bay of Gabicce

Captivating menus with a mix of tradition and exotic flavors

Ideal for aperitifs or dinners


Via Panoramica, 48, Gabicce Mare (PU)