MystFest Cattolica 2024

24/06/2024 - 29/06/2024

Sitting under an umbrella, Enzo Tortora and the head of the local Tourist Office observe the neighbors on the beach: they note that reading crime novels is a widespread occupation. We are at the beginning of the '70s , precisely in '73 , when from this intuition was born the event that will be called Gran Giallo Città di Cattolica : an initiative in which the publishers participate, first of all Mondadori with Alberto Tedeschi , the brilliant creator of the successful series which owes the Italian name of a genre: giallo . On the one hand a literary competition for published and unpublished works, on the other an appointment with the cinema and the most important personalities of crime fiction.

Therefore, a seaside initiative, but not without suggestions due to the quality of some presences who would continue to exercise their positive influence for many years: primus inter pares, Oreste Del Buono .

A new prize for mass literature was born; perhaps the first in Italy and not without some lively discussion on the genre; the point was still whether literary citizenship and cultural dignity should be granted to a consumer production and how this could possibly happen.

Therefore, every year the MystFest is staged, the international crime and mystery festival which has also incorporated the Grand Mystery in the City Award.

In the month of June a thick gray fog descends on Cattolica and a series of strange and well-known characters, such as Carlo Lucarelli or Valerio Massimo Manfredi, begin to crowd the city, ready to investigate the case.

An event full of events that investigates crime in literature, music, cinema and art and does so wonderfully every year with literary presentations dedicated to the latest news in publishing, big names in entertainment, film screenings, exhibitions and traveling shows .

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