ANNALISA - Inside the Vortice Tour


Saturday 6 July in Cattolica - Arena della Regina

Annalisa stops in Cattolica and brings a great concert to the stage of the Arena della Regina.
He will perform some of the best Italian pop songs, and he will do so on the occasion of the Pink Night Weekend Dance 2024!

A bit of its history...

Annalisa Scarrone, aka Annalisa, achieved success by participating in Amici di Maria De Filippi in 2011, where she participated as a solo singer, finishing second and obtaining the Critics' Award.

A first step that introduces her to the world of entertainment and inaugurates her professional career on stages throughout Italy.
Annalisa Scarrone was born in Savona in 1985, and at the age of eight she began studying the guitar, which she then abandoned for the piano and the transverse flute. She signed up for the Amici auditions, where she was selected and came second in the final of the program. Only a few months later he released his first album, Nali, with Warner Studio: from there it all began, and each album was followed by another until the release of his latest work in 2020.

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